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About Me

I am constantly struggling for order. Order in my life, in my work and in the product of my clients. But order comes from chaos and from chaos comes everything. Before I decide what is it that I want to create, I must first accept the invitation to a journey throughout the dark side of this world and dive deep into the unknown – that is if I am truly willing to come up with something new and original.

As an Film/Video Editor i prefer to be direct and clear about my thoughts. I am not looking make friends or loose my time over a project. Me giving you a simple “that’s all good!” as an answer will probably not make you nor your project any better. It’s pressure that makes diamonds, it’s hard and precise hits that unfolds the figure from the shapeless rock. Just be sure to accept and elevate any kind of help and idea that will be placed upon the table of creation, as I will be willing to find the order it requires, even within the most chaotic and ambitious dream/idea you chose to make your reality.

Working Experience

Assistant Film Editor

Series TV Tele5 | Se Quien Eres

Arca Audiovisuals Nov 16 – May 17
Dailies & Editing of trailers & recap sequences. Experience on working simultaneously with 4 high ranked editors from the Spanish Film Industry, like Jaume Martí & Domi Parra.

Assistant Film Editor/VFX: Runner

Feature Film | Cold Skin (2017)

Babieka Films Oct 16 – Nov 16
VFX & Sound Online deliveries. Experience on working through a feature film postproduction workflow along editor Guillermo de la Cal & French Director Xavier Gens.

Assistant Film Editor

Series TV Tv3 | El Crac (2nd Season)

Arriska Films Sep 16 – Oct 16
Dailies & Backups. Experience on working late night shifts storing vast amounts of material with a tight schedules and deadlines.

Video Editor

Web & FB | Viral Daily News

Memondo Network Jun 16 – Oct 16
Editing & Research. Producing daily videos with viral news content. Using dynamic formats and working under demanding deadlines.

Film Editor

Web | Sociocultural Documentary

creaRSA Films Sep 14 – Jan 16
Editing & Research. Working from with diverse international material,  creating short format documentaries with sociocultural themes.


AVID: Media Composer 0
Adobe Premier Pro 0
Final Cut Pro 7/X 0
DaVinci Color 0
Photoshop 0
Creativity 0
Time Efficiency 0
Critical Thinking 0
Adaptation 0


ESCAC University | Film Editing Degree (2011-2017)
Achievements: 5 years of advanced cinema studies. Working on narrative practices and producing short films and documentaries. Working along  professional film-makers and editors such as Luis de la Madrid, Joan Vilaseca and others.

FestFilm Lab | Edit & VFX Workshop: Mark Sanger
Achievements: Methods and ways to confront big projects with large amounts of VFX scenes for post-production.

FestFilm Lab | Editing Workshop: Tariq Anwar
Achievements: Methods on how to edit and shape your characters personality for Drama and Comedy.


Greek | English | Spanish | Catalán | Arabic