Want to collaborate or use a Service?


Let me be a part of your idea. I am here to deliver the best possible version of your personal or collaborative project.

A good product requires an equally good presentation. Ideas are abstract and chaotic just as your shooting material will be. My job is to distill the best bits and pieces out of it and find the order within it. My compromise is absolute perfection and entertainment for the viewers eye.


A good idea will never be good enough if not translated properly. Translating words and plots into real life emotions is not an easy task. I am here to adapt to your project and transform your ideas into the most valuable and iconic material.

Many ideas die by moment they get translated into reality. The process of creating what was once inside someones mind into this material world is something that I take very seriously…if it’s not a comedy we are making of course. OK CUT!


Ideas are flying around us constantly, we just have to catch one and not anyone but the right one. I am here to help you develop your weirdest stories and your most crazy ideas or maybe write for you some my own.

The script is a visual stories blueprint. I want to have a story that works good enough on paper before I call an army of filmmakers and shoot it in reality. Of course in reality everything can change, but having a good strategy and guide will keep you safe.


You want to shoot a film, videoclip or a commercial but don’t know where to start? Welcome to the film making universe. I am here to show you the way of the professional pre-production/production & post-production methods and workflows for audiovisual creations.

Actors, Locations, Timing, Catering. Every little detail matters and every minute counts. Time is money friend. Having a good knowledge of where you are shooting and with whom is a key factor if you don’t want to find unnecessary problems during the making of your project. That’s why you can let me and my associates & professionals from the film industry guide you properly.